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Gut Hohenstein - Optimization of Online Presence for Holiday Accommodations on the Baltic Sea

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About the project


Gut Hohenstein, a family-run estate on the Baltic Sea coast, has been nurturing traditions and hospitality for six generations. This unique estate combines a rich history dating back to 1854 with modern accommodations for holiday makers seeking a serene getaway. Recognizing the need to enhance its online visibility, a comprehensive SEO strategy was implemented for GutHohenstein’s digital presence. This initiative focused on optimizing the estate's website, particularly the pages detailing the various holiday accommodations, to improve their performance in Google search results and attract more visitors.

What I Did

My keyword and competitor analysis has generated relevant keywords for the offered accommodations. These keywords have been utilized in key areas such as headlines, title tags, meta descriptions, and headings on every page of the website. This improves the understanding of the website's content by both visitors and Google, increasing the likelihood of the page being displayed in search results and attracting clicks from visitors. For instance, the main keyword "Ostsee Urlaub/Baltic Sea vacation" was directly implemented in the title tag.
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