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Doc NiceSurprise - Experience gifts in Hamburg for couples

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About the project


Doc NiceSurprise offers tailored relationship refreshments to couples in Hamburg. Through needs analysis and close collaboration, unique surprises are developed to strengthen the relationship. During a complete redesign, it became necessary to implement SEO, which was previously non-existent, for at least the homepage in order to enhance performance in Google search results.

What I Did

My keyword and competitor analysis has generated relevant keywords for the offered service. These keywords have been utilized in key areas such as headlines, title tags, meta descriptions, and headings to improve the understanding of the website's content by both visitors and Google. This increases the likelihood of the page being displayed in search results and attracting clicks from visitors. For instance, the main keyword "Special Gifts for Couples" is directly incorporated into the main heading as "Special Gifts for Couples - Experiencing Hamburg."
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Based on the results of the SEO analysis, a new sitemap was created
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Furthermore, topics that could be relevant for future blog posts were identified, such as the topic of "What to gift my husband..."
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